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Re: LAHS XC Runners Please Read: New Required Mileage Log on

Sent: Mon Jun 15, 2015 • 8:30 PM PDT
From: Andrew Zaeske
Re: LAHS XC Runners Please Read: New Required Mileage Log on
We had a good first practice today! Though a small turnout and ... no girls!!!

I know a bunch of people are on vacation, but we'd love to see some more runners out there tomorrow.

Kudos to Langston and Diego for being the first to log their miles in XCStats. They will get a little reward tomorrow

And anybody else who has logged their miles will also get a nice little reward!
After that... the reward will be non-stop nags from Coach Andrew :)

Clarification: when XCStats asks for your "Username" that is just your email address.
Clarification: you must login into your email account and find the email they sent you and click the link to confirm that you are you before you can start using

On Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 3:52 PM, Andrew Zaeske <azaeske@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

New! Required Mileage Log Using

An amazing number of you will be on vacation for big chunks of time this summer or have conflicts with our scheduled run times. To make sure that you're all getting in the mileage you need, we are going to start tracking mileage and workouts on!

Some of you may initially groan and say this is a pain, but its actually super easy. And XCStats now has mobile apps on iOS, Android and the web so you can enter these through your phone at the end of your run.

Start tracking your mileage now - please take a moment and get this setup now:

1. Get an account if you haven't already done so. Most of you haven't. 
Easy method:
  • Visit this page  (our school account creation page)
  • Enter the Los Altos school code: "los+altos" (not including the double quotes)
  • Follow the prompts
  • Full instructions are here
  • You will need access to your email account to complete registration.
  • As part of the process, you will also be able to invite your parents to get accounts so they get notified of race results.

2. Download the mobile app for your phone or use on a mobile web browser. Login and follow the buttons to easily enter your miles and difficult with notes etc.

But Why???

This will allow you and the coaches to see your mileage progression over the summer and over the season. Note, this is what some of the top California high school teams do. It creates a greater sense of personal ownership over your training and goals which creates an overall more positive team atmosphere.

If you haven't seen, its an amazing destination for tracking team and competitor performances.

I'll be checking on team registrations daily and bugging everybody to get an account and track their mileage.
Coach Andrew

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Subject: Re: LAHS XC Runners Please Read: New Required Mileage Log on
(Sent: Mon, 15-Jun-2015, 8:31 PM PDT)
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Subject: LAHS XC Runners Please Read: New Required Mileage Log on
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